How does it works?

All signals have an entry price, 3 sell targets and also a stop loss you avoid losses in case that singal doesn`t reach the sell target. We are connected to BITMEX API (load data every 1 min) and the recommendation of what to do in each moment is automatically updated with the values: HOLD / BUY / SELL depending on the signal. The price is respect to the BTC.

Warning: Bitcoin crash Prediction.
Value at Predicion: $5,050.00
Prediction time: 15-04-2019 12:23:43 (UTC +5)

Alert: Bitcoin crash Prediction.
Value at Predicion: 6,364.67

Prediction time: 22-06-2018 14:29:08 (UTC +2)
During the time the Bitcoin Crash alert is on, currency recommendations will be reduced.
The activation of this alert means that the BITCOIN will lower its price with respect to the current price of the alert.
We recommend that users move to USDT until the next notice.
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