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Flexa (FXC)

The first app for spending cryptocurrency in stores. Instantly.

LOAD: Start with a Flexa balance in the coin of your choice. We provide support for Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, with many more currencies coming soon.

SHOP: Take Flexa with you to buy food, electronics, clothes and more. We're integrated with payment terminals in over 35,000 locations worldwide—and counting.

TAP: When you're ready to pay, just tap to reveal a flexcode. Don't worry about typing in a wallet address or amount; we instantly convert your payment at the market rate.


    About ICO

    Flexa has already negotiated deals with some of the biggest companies in North America, including:

    Starbucks, Nike, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Old Navy, Sephora, Gamestop, Walgreens, Target, Nordstrom.

    According to our contact at Flexa, they haven’t been turned down by a single company. Over 60 partnerships and counting. This seems viable, seeing as they’re offering a significantly better deal than any credit card company.


    85,000 ETH Hard Cap for 50 % of tokens.

    100 billion tokens in total. 50B being sold in token sale.

    1 ETH = 500,000 FXC base rate.

    Group Offer: 20 % bonus

    FXC tokens to be issued 20 days after token sale. Bonus tokens unlocked after 12 months.


    •    Strong team with good connections in the industry

    •    Working product

    •    Potential to build on the existing platform

    •    Chance to disrupt the industry with their new protocol

    •    Deals in place with strong global brands

    •    Protocol gives them a competitive advantage over their current competition

    •    Zero user fees creates an attractive model for the average consumer


    •    Unknown token release date (estimate is September)

    •    Bonus vesting period is 12 months

    •    Market Cap is a little higher than we’d like at 85,000 ETH

    How to participate

    1. Send ETH to the address below (Please copy/paste. People make mistakes when they type it in)

    ETH address: 0xfB3118AB903223e8FccEC2859E1D3579cd6e9b6B

    2. The link below to fill out the contribution form:


    Minimum investment: 0.5 ETH

    Maximum investment: -

    Please make you investment no more than 2 decimal points of ETH. eg. 1.23 ETH or 0.53 ETH. Extra decimal points will not be counted.