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Technical characteristics of the platform:

· Change between exchanges :

Due to the constant proliferation of new tokens and crypto currencies, it is complicated for an exchange to cover all projects. From CRESIO we want to provide greater simplicity to the operating system, offering the user, through a simple click among the exchanges available on the platform, the possibility of accessing their different positions(operation orders).
· Balances :

Display of balance sheets by exchange, control of available capital, ordering and export of records to “pdf”, “excel” or to the clipboard, execution and monitoring of deposits / withdrawals of cryptocurrencies between different wallets.

Display of current, pending and completed transactions.
· Histories :

Display of graphs and creation of individual and / or global histories being able to filter and compare between the executed operations with the possibility of exporting it in a personalized way.
· State of the market :

Consult globally in detail and in real time the information regarding each cryptocurrency in the various exchanges, receiving relevant information about the volume, price history and available pairs among others, all this quickly and accurately.
· Control of rigs :

You will have access to the information of the rigs adding the api of the mining pool to our system, visualizing the information of the whole, such as the total speed of mining, last 24 hours payment, pending payments and the total received, in addition you can observe the individually mining speed of each rig in addition to the integration of creating alarms about its disconnection, changes in the set of rigs or individual rigs.

· Signals :

In a market as extensive as the current one, the signals are considered of a valuable importance, given that it conditions numerous operations, making decisions and the degree of attention more difficult in most cases. For this reason we have designed different types of signals.
· The scalping signals are those that show the difference between the purchase order and the sales order, indicating which cryptocurrencies have a better opportunity to perform operations in a short period of time and thus benefit from the difference.
· The signals of volume change in 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes will show the movement that the cryptocurrencies have during these periods of time being able to anticipate to other traders.
· Demand and supply signals indicate which cryptocurrencies have a greater difference, being able to operate with more security, showing those that have important supports· Future price signals will indicate the trend of each cryptocurrency being able to schedule target alerts.
· The signs of price changes in 24 hours and changes in trend will help you to know when a cryptocurrency enters a favorable state

We continue to add signals making of it an attractive and important utility tool.
· Alerts :

The section of alerts is of great importance, since you can create alerts in a personalized way with the signals previously detailed. Alarms will also be received notifying the inclusion of new updates in the platform, executed operations, when a cryptocurrency is added to an exchange and other relevant signals. Likewise, new alerts will be added that adapt to the needs of the users.

· Telegram Channels :

We understand that many users follow the indications of the existing channels in Telegram, whether they are free or paid. For this reason, a platform has been incorporated so that the administrators of these channels can register and expand their information. As an important data, the platform will perform an autonomous monitoring so that the registered channels cannot manipulate the results of their signals and thus be able to assess if they are real or are considered “SCAM”, either by plagiarism of signals or simply because those channels suddenly disappear, so avoiding them in this area.

Thus, the user will be able to find relevant information such as the age of the channel, analysts who integrate it, percentages of hits / failures, execution time, among other data of utmost importance, advising interested users for a precise choice of quality with the maximum transparency assessing their professionalism and dedication.
· Portal to operate :

We have a large number of tools to execute trading operations, unifying basic purchase, sale and stop-loss operations, or scalping operations.

In this way, it offers greater simplicity and speed with respect to the changes between operations and prices with a simple click, programming of automated orders future purchase and continuous sale, including the possibility of programming orders with objectives, static and dynamic stop-loss , thus managing to accompany rises of digital assets automatically or manually.

A risk scale has also been added based on supply and demand, helping to make decisions of different risks.


    About ICO

    The CNMV gives the green light to CRESIO, being the first legal ICO in Spain.


    Cresio was born as a result of the need to include in a single place, the absolute control of your cryptocurrencies. The main mission of Cresio is the creation of a platform that encompasses, in a single space, the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple exchanges, obtaining in real time information on the state of the markets, controlling the balance of wallets, monitoring work in pools of mining, notification and registration to new airdrops, as well as a large list of signals to with operate in the markets.

    The purpose is to create an agile and control experience, regardless of the degree of user experience, all linked to a high level of security, guaranteeing an unprecedented experience.

    Likewise, Cresio gives birth to an ERC20 token with several remarkable features, such as the possibility of making the payment for the use of the platform or receiving passive income in the next 50 years, thus converting it into a utility token.

    The CRES is a utility token created under Ethereum’s ERC20 technology, and will allow the user to pay € 5 of the total price of Subscription 35 to the CRESIO platform in CRES.
    TOTAL SUPPLY: 18,000,000,000
    CONTRACT ETH: 0xdb2b3db44820526e7472dea06506b2e40506b3b9












    · Time used :

    Thanks to the unification of exchanges, you will be able to fully capitalize the time spent avoiding multiple identifications and the consequent learning of the operation in each exchange. With CRESIO it will only be necessary to learn the use in our platform, which has been developed to offer an intuitive interface and with ample help for user learning. Our main objective is to abstract the user from all the aspects related to the operation of each of the different exchanges so that he can focus on the most important aspects, obtaining profitability and acquiring knowledge.


    · Speed of action:

    The speed of action is essential since many times the speed of decision making affects considerably the profitability, for that reason we have designed the platform with tools that are easy to understand and with an intuitive interface.

    · Control :

    With our platform you will have control of each of the operations, personalized records, unified or individual balances, change of exchange, diversity of alerts, programming of operations, control of rigs, registration in Airdrops, among other tools, benefiting from an unprecedented accessibility control of your accounts.

    · Economic profitability :

    With a set of tools implemented in the CRESIO platform that will show extended and organized information, you will be able to know which markets are the most appropriate to invest with the greatest probability of obtaining economic benefits, being our objective that the user receive more benefits operating on our platform than using the exchanges individually.

    · Participation :   

    We want you to be part of the development of the platform. For this reason we insist that you send us suggestions and ideas for the expansion and innovation of the platform. The more the CRESIO platform is used, the more suggestions will be obtained based on the individual needs of each user, forming, thanks to this, a complete and intuitive platform that embarks on everything related to the world of cryptocurrency.



    From CRESIO, we have faced the need to solve the current deficiencies that take place in the different exchanges, among which are the lack of information and the few tools that improve the investment experience for the user. Due to this problem we have concentrated our efforts in studying and understanding the errors of those who suffer the exchanges at present, in order to develop a solution that guides the user of the CRESIO Platform.

    Taking advantage of the results obtained based on several market surveys carried out on experienced traders and beginners, we have developed a set of tools and functionalities. The objective of these market surveys is to find out and understand the problems that users may have operating within trading platforms, constantly developing and expanding solutions.

    Reviewing the results of market surveys, we conclude that users need more information and functionalities within different trading platforms. That is why we have developed a list of solutions applicable to our platform.

    The priority has been to create an easy-to-use interface to be able to unify several exchanges within our platform, eliminating the need to constantly switch between several windows in the browser when operating in different exchanges simultaneously..

    Our vision is oriented to the present and the future, developing a system that is practical and fast when it comes to incorporating new tools.

    How to participate

    To participate in the purchase of the Tokens, you must access the following link:

    Once completed the registration and then logged in, in the left side menu you must select the section "BUY TOKEN", to access the payment gateway.

    Indicating that it will be necessary to fill in the data for the KYC in the left side menu in the section "MY PROFIL" to access the purchase of CRES.



    Minimum purchase: 5.000 CRES - 50 USD

    Maximum purchase: 3.500.000 CRES - 35.000 USD


    Whitelist - 5% Additional Bonus (02/25/19 - 04/30/19 )

    1st Round - 35% Bonus - 500,000 Minimum purchase ( 05/01/19 - 06/15/19)

    1st Round - 25% Bonus - 5,000 Minimum purchase ( 05/01/19 - 06/15/19)

    2st Round - 15% Bonus - 5,000 Minimum purchase ( 06/16/19 - 07/16/19)

    3st Round - 5% Bonus - 5,000 Minimum purchase ( 07/17/19 - 08/01/19)

    3st Round - 5% Bonus - 5,000 Minimum purchase ( 07/17/19 - 08/01/19)