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Welcome To Prediction Coins.

We are a specialized platform in the area of cryptocurrencies. Prediction Coins is a project born from people with experience in technical and fundamental analysis combinated with a Follow system with a smart trading bot. Imagine a Twitter of trading where you can choose what analyst you prefer to fllow by our auto trading Bot.

Official Binance Broker Partner

Prediction Coins has been in the Binance Broker Partner Program since May 2020. We strive to offer the best services to our users from the best cryptocurrency markets. CoinMarketCap says that Binance is the exchange that has the most volume on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.See more about binance broker partner program.

Award App of The Day

We are the App of The Day by Downloadastro (a website with more than 10 million visits per month and the position 1,500 of the world according to the Alexa Ranking). Here you can see the interview: go to the interview.

We're An Innovative Company.

We invest our own money in cryptocurrencies. We started by making investment decisions with technical and fundamental analysis, after obtaining good results, we decided to start investigating artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Our results in cryptocurrency investments are very good and we decided to share it with more people through telegram. Finally, seeing that the growth of users joining the telegram group was continued, we decided to create this application. This application has the objective of helping the users of cryptocurrencies to invest in a way that minimizes the risk and optimizes the profit.

We have a team that adapts to the changes.

We are proud of the family we are creating with our users. In addition, the Prediction Coins team continues to grow and continues to adapt to the changes in this market in order to provide the best service. We are at your disposal if you have questions or proposals.


Our exclusive Services

We use the expert knowledge and the latest technology to provide the best service for making decisions in the world of cryptocurrencies

Best Analysts

Users can share their recommendations with the community. The best analysts will be available in the TOP 10 ranking. The ranking is monthly and will allow users to decide which analyst to follow with their bot.

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Coins News

Our system integrates with crypto news partners to provide the latest news.

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How we Work

Our Working Process

Our Prediction Coins team strives to get the best results every day.

The steps we take to achieve innovation

Creating a Startup in itself is somewhat complicated. We follow some steps that we have learned in Entrepreneurship courses and Start up competitions to achieve success. Related to agile methodologies, Lean Startup methodology, etc. The most important is to have an information-innovation system and we are going to show you our proccess to get it.

Get Information

Information is the basic resource for any process to devise or innovate. The first thing we need is to collect data on the subject of what we want to design or devise.

Create Knowledge

The information we have to analyze, process and extract what is important to generate knowledge.

The Creativity

This step is responsible for generating ideas and is very important. The generation of ideas is done through different tools such as braing storming, 5 why, etc.

The motivation

The whole team has to accept the idea and enjoy what is going to be done.

The Diversity

The work team in charge of carrying out the idea must have diversity. Diversity will help to have different points of view and create a better service.

The Personality

All team members are free to express themselves and make changes to the project. This will guarantee the personal touch of all the members.

The Innovation

When we put all the previous steps together, we managed to develop innovative ideas that improve our services.

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"This app has had a high accuracy rate since I've been using it. Investing in Cryptocurrency can be stressful, its almost impossible to know which coin will pump from day to day. So having an app that can accurately predict what coins have a high chance of moving up. The app has many options from free access to more informative paid vip groups. They are very transparent about their success rate which shows you how reputable the platform is. They also have strong social media affiliated support."

I recommend Prediction Coins

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"Predictions has a lot of information and resources to get you started on your path to trading and decreasing your risk."

Great App for new traders!

Apple User

"First time I decide to invest and I already have profit, wonderfull"

WoW Prediction Coins

Android User

"This is a great app congratulations"


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Prediction Coins is pretty lightweight, so you will install it in a couple of seconds.

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